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Sadly, there aren't a lot of what I would call "shrines" dedicated to Supernatural, but I've searched far and wide to compile a small list of links that I hope you'll enjoy!

Silent Lucidity is Todd's incredible dedication to the 8th Cylon model, Boomer and Athena in particular, from Battlestar Galactica. His site is not just informative and easy on the eyes, there's also a lot of love to be found which is what I strongly believe makes for a good fansite. ♥ (Also, hello the Eights are awesome!)

Communities & Resources:
Supernatural Wiki - a spoiler-free source of information on the show
spn_anna - LiveJournal community dedicated entirely to Anna
castielxanna - LiveJournal community for fans of Castiel/Anna
oursavinggrace - LiveJournal community for fans of Dean/Anna

Even Angels Fall - the Anna Milton fanlisting

People from Other Shows:
Forget Me Not - a one-page tribute to Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica
Spock Lives - a massive site all about Star Trek's most famous Vulcan
Hold Fast - a tribute to Duncan MacLeod of Highlander: The Series
Shades of Grey - all about True Blood's Eric Northman