Welcome to No Quarter, a site all about the fallen angel Anna from the TV series Supernatural. Although I love Sam and Dean as much as anyone, in a show that's very much all about the bromance it was wonderful to see the inclusion of a strong female character who wasn't, you know, evil.

Just to warn you, this site assumes knowledge of all episodes that have aired in North America so if you're not caught up you may be spoiled.

Last updated: December 13, 2014

the road so far - an introduction to Anna and the world of Supernatural
on the run - her story as told in the Winchester Gospels
when she fell - what we know about Anna Milton and her human life
full of grace - Anna's life as an angel, both before and after the fall

one for the road - the fleeting moments she shared with the Dean
go your own way - her relationship with her former comrade Castiel
supporting cast - other people who were touched by an angel

heavenly host - how Anna and angels in Supernatural relate to mythology
food for thought - random facts and bits of speculation worth mentioning
the reasons why - or "ramblings on why I love Anna (and Supernatural)"
graven images - a small selection of Anna icons for your perusal
links in & out - buttons for linking back here and some handy escape routes
behind the scenes - a little bit of information about this fansite

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Anna and Supernatural belong to a whole lot of people that aren't me - mostly Eric Kripke. This is merely a fansite (I ♥ Anna) and both the site and I are in no way affiliated with anything or anyone official.

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